Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Writing Prompt #8: Your Face On A Cake

Yes, I've been gone for over a year.  But I'm back.  And I'm ready to give you guys something to write about. 

And as a heads up, please note that I have my own website at You'll find info about projects I'm working on along with blog posts about my own travails with writing. Please visit the site and take a look around. 

But if you're here only for the prompts, I gotcha covered. 

Writing Prompt #8

Technology is amazing nowadays.  We can take pictures and then take those pictures and turn them into pixels of magic in the tornado of a mystical frosting machine and end up with pictures of pictures on a sheet cake.  The picture below is of a piece of cake I got to eat at a friend's birthday party the other evening.  I happen to be one of the faces in the picture.  And when I dug into the chocolate cake with the white frosting, I wondered whether I was actually okay with eating my own face and the face of my friends. 

It's just sort of weird, this Face Cake thing...

This lead to existential questions of my own visage, my own physical persona and the face I show to the world.  It also lead to questions of cocoa powder and butter-cream frosting versus a nice cream cheese frosting base.  You know, REAL questions.

So here is YOUR question:  If you could put an expression, a human one, on something edible, what expression would that be and what would be the foodstuff wearing it?  Would you paint a grimace on a plate of post-flambe Bananas Foster?

Then, once you've got it primed with a face, what do you do with it?  Eat it or preserve it?  Run away from it?  Toss it in the garbage?  What can you face?  Yeah, I turned to a pun.  I'm sorry.   

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