Monday, April 2, 2012

Writing Prompt #4: Four Letter Words

Last Monday I was sick so there wasn't a writing prompt. I bet you missed having one. So I'm giving you one about swearing to make up for my absence. Hooray!

Writing Prompt #4

Swear words add a lot to writing. And life. And they're fun. A lot of them are four letters in length. This apparently has a lot to do with the Anglo-Saxons conquering the isle of Albion. So not only did they bring over a taste for sauerkraut (honestly, this is probably not even true) but they also brought over rocking things to scream out when you stub your toes.

Today we're going to create our own four letter word. The rules are simple. First, it needs to be four letters. Second, it needs to mean something naughty. You can do the first thing first or the second thing first. You can come up with some sordid definition and then produce the word or come up with a word like larm and then decide what exactly that means.

Then SHARE! I know there are those of you out there they actually do my writing prompts. And honestly, I need some new four letter words. I'm really exhausting all the ones I already have in my arsenal.

Happy swearing!


  1. Fack....
    As in, Fack, I slammed my knee on the bed post...or Facker stole my wallet...or she and me just facked....

  2. YORK!

    Sure it's a city in England, but it's also my word for cat vomit. Por ejemplo: "Uggh! I just stepped in york!" or alternately, "Terry yorked on the bed again." Like it's close cousin shit, york can be used to express all kids of disgust and disappointment: "That bitch is so full of york; she doesn't know what she's talking about" or a twofer "York, man. I totally yorked that test!"


  3. Fack! There's york all over my wife-beater!