Sunday, January 15, 2012

Introducing ECro Does Wrong

Hey you guys! All sixteen of you! Plus whoever is trolling the blog dealie on blogger that lets you blog hop. Plus my stalkers. I really don't think I have any stalkers. But if I do, and you're reading this, good job. I didn't even have an inkling about your stalking. You must be a really great stalker. You should message me and we should hang sometime. I like people that pursue their passions adeptly.

Anyway, I'm writing about my writing. But not the kind of writing that I'm doing on this blog. This kind of writing belongs on another blog. The blog is called ECro Does Wrong. No, I won't explain the title. You'll have to read my other blog to get it. Please read my other blog to get it. You reading my inane ramblings does the same thing for me that clapping does for Tinkerbell. It makes me aggressive, pouty and prone to chasing men several times my size in both height and weight. Eww. And now the mental picture arrives.

I think I'm sort of funny. This blog will have the bulk of funny stuff on it. And I swear on my posts. Lots. I mean, I attest to their validity as posts but I'm also going to say bad words. Raise your virtual hands if you like to hear Erica swear! Of course you do! Too bad you can't actually hear me swear over a blog. I'm open to performing unplugged readings of my posts to intimate groups of literary elites if the money is right. Just message me. Especially my stalkers. Just have dip there. I like dip.

Um, okay, who likes to read swearing and pretend that it's coming out of my mouth?

All of you that said yes to the above question, give ECro Does Wrong a little something something with your times and affections. And yes, adding -s to words makes them funnier by rights of me acting dumber.

Now go!

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